Communications Strategy • Content Creation • Writing


Brand Development

Develop brand purpose, identity within the marketplace, and unique selling points. Create or refine mission and vision statements.


Help identify new markets for products and services, and increase sales among existing customers. Develop strategies, with measurable objectives, to generate new business.

  • Content Marketing - Develop planned content with consistent messaging to share across all platforms: newsletters, blogs and social media.

  • Market Research - Conduct research on the current market, including trends and competitors, and facilitate online and in-person focus groups to determine perception, reception and awareness of a product, service or brand.

Media Coaching / Placement

Provide strategic media selection for story placement and advance coaching for appearances.

Strategic Communications

Develop a roadmap to communicate a new product/service, issue, plan or policy. Includes identifying internal audiences (employees, board members, volunteers, senior staff) and external stakeholders (licensing/governing bodies, funders, clients/customers), message development for each, implementation, and evaluation.

Thought Leadership

Establish client credibility within their industry through planned content shared via social media, outreach to customers, and media placements.


Subjects can include: a highlight of capabilities or services, customer testimonials, instructional and training.

Website Development

Create new or optimize an existing site. Includes setting navigation, content development, and linking all online and offline business activity to the site. Work with information technology staff on maximizing site functionality, and sales teams to determine newsletter, social media, and other communication drivers.


Includes white papers and case studies, speeches, annual reports, product catalogs, and more.

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